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What Makes Your Iceland Different 

Characterful travel sets Your Iceland apart from the rest.  What exactly does that mean?  Well simply put, it means that our customized travel has personality!  Our elements make us unique and enable us to provide distinctive experiences that stand out to travelers. We’ve built this characterful travel experience with our strong connections, unbeatable accommodations, incredible adventures that can be tailored to your specific desires, and tours that meet the interests of all types of travelers.  


Our specialty is curating visits that blend one-of-a-kind accommodations in inspiring locations with slow travel itineraries filled with leisure activities, cultural experiences and wellness. Through our characterful travel planning, handpicked suppliers, and connections to extraordinary hotels and resorts, you’ll be able to fully unwind and embrace the local feeling.

Atmospheric Accommodations

Where you stay on your trip is just as important as the itinerary. With our expertise and strong relationships with the best and most unique hotels and lodges around the country, we can book accommodations that suit your ideal stay. Whether you’re dreaming of a cozy mountain lodge, boutique hotel, or blissful resort, we’ll find the perfect fit for you. 


Wellness Travel 

With our focus on mind, body, and soul, we book some of the finest wellness retreats Iceland has to offer. And, in addition to hotels and accommodations that feature tranquil atmospheres and relaxing spa services, we also connect travelers to nature. Iceland has many elements that help intertwine wellness into your trip. This could be beautiful hikes that bring you into nature and out in the fresh air, or soothing dips in natural hot springs around the country.

Cultural Immersion

Our agency knows how to bring you up close and personal with the beautiful local culture of Iceland. You won’t be sitting on a tour bus just bypassing the unique aspects that make the country what it is. We can plan tours to historical landmarks, trips to charming villages, tastings at local eateries and breweries, and much more. We’ll put you in touch with the people, lead you to tasty homemade cuisine, and immerse you in the culture for a well-rounded vacation.

Slow Travel 

We specialize in crafting leisure-focused itineraries, all at your desired pace. Iceland is filled with an abundance of beauty and culture and we want to allow you the time to take it all in. On our trips, you can spend time really getting to know a region of the country by visiting with locals, trying homemade meals, hiking through spectacular scenery, and exploring cultural institutions. You can even extend your stay in certain areas to spend time truly immersing yourself in a new place. 

Food-Focused Journeys 

This country has so many mouth-watering treats to sink your teeth into—and we’ll create a delicious itinerary for you! While exploring Iceland’s top sights and attractions, you can also find your way to the best cuisine. From homemade meals prepared by locals and top restaurants around Reykjavik to visiting local breweries and enjoying wine tastings, we’ll suggest and book for you the ultimate dining experiences throughout your trip.  

Specialized Itineraries 

We cater to so many types of travelers and trips, and realize that coming to Iceland can mean more than just a vacation. One of the most characterful parts of our travel is the curation of itineraries for an array of gatherings and events. We can create romantic journeys for couples celebrating their honeymoon or anniversary, girls trips for friends getting together for some quality time, and family adventures for parents, kids, and relatives seeking out new experiences. No matter the reason for your travel, we can map out an itinerary that brings the country to life for you and your group. 


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