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Customer Stories


    "Elfa arranged my 4th trip in Ísland, and it was the best; a tough achievement. We spent 2 weeks following the Ring Road with some side trips. I sent her a plan/itinerary and she made suggestions and arrangements. The places we stayed were outstanding. We had enough to do with plenty of time to enjoy just being there, and to pull off & look at whatever caught our eye. 


      We had a wonderful guided tour of Grímsey with year-round resident, Halla. A highlight for my wife was a personal tour of Ísafjörður, with Helga, a local guide; for me a kayak trip with a local tour operator. Another ‘high point’ was a snowcat trip up Snæfellsnes Glacier. Elfas’ arrangements could not have been better. 


      When I began planning a trip to Scotland, my first contact was Elfa. We, my wife & I, plan to visit Norway & Greenland in 2 yrs (back to AK 2021) and will be contacting Elfa for travel ideas & arrangements. She’s set a very high bar for her competitors/colleagues to reach"

-Dave & Jean Wright, Wolftown VA, USA

     "We went on a family vacation to Iceland with Elfa and her travel company, Your Iceland. It was my husband and me, plus our teenage daughter.  Elfa took care of all the planning and the travel arrangements, and we had the most fantastic time! The trip was a perfect combination of classic sightseeing and out-of-the-ordinary experiences that you can’t find unless you have insider knowledge.


      We stayed in Reykjavik and the countryside in South Iceland, where we had our own “private paradise”! Elfa had given us access to an exclusive summer house located by a beautiful river, surrounded by private land, Icelandic horses, and stunning views. It was different, unique, and peaceful at the same time!


     We went horseback riding with the locals, fished the river, and enjoyed the catch of the day later the same evening. Another highlight was when we had the most incredible lunch in a greenhouse with tomatoes growing all around us. It was such a memorable experience!


     It was a perfect family vacation! Everyone had something to their taste. Can´t recommend it enough. Well done, Elfa and Your Iceland!  We will be back soon."


-Lotte Smærup, Denmark

      "The tour was absolutely incredible! The guide was amazing and very informative about the area and was able to answer all the questions we had. 

      Thank you so much for helping to arrange this for us!"

-Danielle S, Somerset, England

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