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  • Elfa Jonsdottir

How Many Days Should I Spend in Iceland?

When planning an Iceland vacation, wondering how many days you should spend on this trip is a common question. Typically, you can have an incredible vacation experience when spending at least five days or more in this region. You can plan a shorter trip, but that will prevent you from exploring much beyond Iceland's capital, Reykjavik, and surrounded area.

How Many Days is Ideal for an Iceland Vacation?

Many travelers recommend spending as much time as you can afford in this incredible vacation destination. That way, there's plenty of time for exploring as many of the wonders this country has to offer. Because the landscape is so vast, that means it could take hours to travel from one site or attraction to another. While the scenic roads are gorgeous, you don't want to book a trip for a few days to learn that you're spending the majority of your time driving.

Overall, traveler's benefit the most from spending between five and seven days, ten to fourteen being the best, to experience a valuable vacation experience. That means you can explore the northern and southern coasts of the country without feeling like you have to rush.

Is a Shorter Trip Possible?

You can enjoy a lot of Iceland's attractions during a three-day trip. This trip involves spending time with Iceland's crowds in the capital city because you won't have time to venture much beyond the city's limits. You might have time for day tours such as the Golden Circle Tour, or a quick tour of the Southern Coast, and a visit to the Blue Lagoon.

Four-day trips are also a possibility. In addition to the mentioned activities above, you can explore a little bit more of the country that extends beyond the capital city's limits and maybe add some special interest activities as well. For example, take on a short biking trip, or biking, go horseback riding, fishing, snowmobiling, caving, and more.

Experience the Ultimate 10-Day Adventure or Longer

Spending between eight and ten days in Iceland is the best way to go on as many side trips throughout the country as possible. When you take a ten-day vacation in Iceland, there are opportunities for a more in-depth exploration. For example, when you travel Iceland's famous ring road, we recommend a minimum of ten days. You could also combine the western and southern areas of the region into your itinerary, or fly North and make your way towards the South through the Eastfjords. We like you to slow down the pace and immerse yourself in the place you are visiting. Spending more time in the country also allows you to tour through the highlands.

If you have 14 days or more, you could, for example travel the ring-road and add some other selected areas to the itinerary such as the Westfjords, Snæfellsnes Peninsula, or the Central Highlands.

Booking a lengthy stay is your best option for experiencing all of what Iceland has to offer. If that's not possible, there's still a lot of opportunities awaiting you during a shorter trip. Contact us, and we will guide you!


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