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  • Elfa Jonsdottir

Take Your Teen to Iceland and Reconnect

Updated: May 31, 2020

Are you looking for new ways of connecting with your teens that don't involve electronics or binge-watching streaming television? If so, a trip to Iceland might be just the thing! It might motivate them to motivate your teen to get off the couch and on a snowmobile! There are countless things you and your teen can do in Iceland that will bring the two of you closer together. We're discussing what you can do when you take your teen to Iceland and reconnect.

Don't Limit Your Icelandic Adventures

When you're thinking about what you and your teen can do that will keep them engaged, don't forget that they'll probably like what most younger kids enjoy. You'll also find that, when you have an interest in an activity, they'll probably want to tag along.

Hit the City Food Tour

If your teen is an adventurous foodie, then check out the City Food Tour. Your guide will walk you around the city, talk about local lore, and introduce you to traditional Icelandic dishes. Tours like this one are optimal for those who are ages ten and up.

Go on a City Bike Tour

While hiking, bussing, and walking are common ways of touring Iceland's cities, why not consider changing things up a bit? Using electric bikes, you can travel through some of Iceland's hot spots. Because driving is required, tourists must be at least thirteen-years-old. Adding the electric bikes make these tours more exciting than looking out a tour bus window.

Take in the Tours

In addition to the Northern Lights tour, you'll also find Midnight Sun tours as well. Neither of these tools has an age limit, so there are lots of fun opportunities for you and your teen to reconnect. Don't forget to ask about cave exploring during the Midnight Sun tour!

When you're working with Your Iceland, we'll suggest activities that will help you bond with your teen. Some adventures include cave tours, going on buggy tours, watching the Northern Lights, horseback riding, snowmobiling, or dog sledding. It doesn't matter if your teen loves art, science, or exploring new places, there's something for everyone in Iceland!


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