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  • Elfa Jonsdottir

Is Iceland Good For Senior Travel?

Younger generations tend to flock toward Iceland for its outdoor adventure opportunities. However, that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of exciting things for seniors to do in this beautiful destination vacation spot. When you're talking to Your Iceland travel specialist, highlight that you're a senior looking for the best adventure in Iceland possible.

Booking a Safe and Fun Adventure

There are many things to see in Iceland and things to experience. Driving through Iceland requires coordination, excellent reflexes, and vigilance. Unless you're confident that you can handle this terrain, renting a vehicle might not be the best option. Instead, consider participating in organized tours. We recommend small-group tours or travel with a private driver-guide.

When Should Seniors Visit Iceland?

Summertime adventures are the best when booking a senior travel adventure to Iceland. Between May and September, senior travelers can experience a wide variety of unforgettable activities in Iceland. Some of these include whale-and bird watching, hot spring bathing, easy nature walks, visiting the locals, classic sightseeing and seeing the Northern Lights. There are plenty of activities that seniors can enjoy all-year-round in Iceland, but we especially recommend the summertime - or early fall if you are planning on seeing the Northern Lights.

Alternatives for Icelandic Adventures

While Iceland has a reputation for offering a lot of outdoor adventures and action, that might not be appealing to seniors. Alternatives for these outdoorsy adventures are available, though. We will not take the fun out of things, but for seniors, we will slow down the pace and make the adventures softer. For example, history and photography tours are available for those who want to learn more about the country and capture their views. There is also a wealth of art galleries, cafes, museums, and shops available in downtown Reykjavik. Seniors can also indulge in the region's local cuisine while exploring the country's food scene. Photography tours or other special interest tours are also a good way of exploring the country. Whatever your needs are, we will make sure that you experience the ultimate enjoyment and minimal discomfort during this destination vacation.


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