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  • Elfa Jonsdottir

Top 5 Reasons Iceland Offers Inspiring Company Retreats

Updated: May 31, 2020

Have you been looking up ideas for a company retreat that engages, rewards, and inspires your team or colleagues? While many look to a tropical escape for their work retreats, we recommend something a bit more unique and refreshing—Iceland! This striking destination makes for a perfect getaway where leaders and teams can come together to unwind, creatively collaborate, and recharge their batteries while embracing the breathtaking scenery.  

If your goal is to put together a one-of-a-kind company retreat, let us tell you our top five reasons why Iceland is your perfect solution!

1. Captivating Scenery for Inspirational Moments  

Iceland’s magical natural surroundings provide an ideal setting to inspire and get the creative juices flowing. From powerful waterfalls and snow-capped mountain ranges to unearthly black sand beaches, this country offers a variety of different environments to explore with your colleagues. It will take your breath away, give clarity, and certainly spark ideas. Think of it as Mother Earth’s very own mood board! 

2. Distinctive and Purposeful Team Building Activities   

Collaboration and cultivating solid relationships are of great importance in the workplace—and a company retreat with unique team activities provides an enhanced way to break down barriers and build strong bonds and teamwork. In Iceland, there is a wide range of exciting activities that can include culture, adventure, and wellness. Put your heads together with a clue-based treasure hunt around Reykjavik or test strengths with glacier hiking. Then, end the day with a team meditation or take a food tasting tour together. There are so many meaningful activities to partake in, and they will surely instill group camaraderie and teamwork. 

3. Atmospheric Hotels for Creativity & Relaxation 

Iceland is a hub for boutique hotels and blissful resorts! All across the country, you’ll find a vast variety of options for all different preferences. No matter what type of accommodation you desire for your company retreat—whether it’s a countryside inn, modern hotel in Reykjavik, or wellness-focused resort—Iceland will have just the thing for you and your team. From inspirational meeting spaces to world-class spas, these hotels and resorts boast atmospheres that trigger creativity and invite relaxation! 

4. You Can Learn a Lot From Iceland 

There’s a saying in Icelandic, “þetta reddast”, which roughly translates to “it will all work out okay” in English. When visiting Iceland, you can feel this motto in their everyday life. While Icelanders are strong, proud, and hardworking, they also value stress-free lifestyles. They embody kindness, compassion, and wellness, which is appreciated by visitors but is also something that can be embraced by your company and team. A work retreat should be about relaxation, refreshing the mind, and reinvigorating pride in your team. Iceland’s way of life provides that perspective for you and your team. 

5. It’s Exotic but Accessible 

Iceland has dramatic natural features like volcanoes and lava fields, towering mountains, hot springs, glaciers, and more. It all seems so distant and far off from everyday life in the city or suburbs, but it’s actually very easily accessible! With airlines offering plenty of comfortable flights from all major cities, and Iceland not being as far from the U.S. as the rest of Europe, it’s not complicated to reach. It’s also a perfect destination for different trip durations. Whether your team is staying for a long weekend or full week, everyone will feel they’ve enjoyed the country, since attractions and sights are easily accessible as well! 

Company retreats should be special and memorable for your team. Bringing them to a destination like Iceland will breathe life back into their creativity and teamwork. And with a plethora of awe-inspiring settings to choose from around the country, it will also help them refresh and feel reinvigorated! 

Ready to learn more or begin planning your Icelandic retreat? Contact us here to get started!


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